The world of gaming fascinates millions of people in Italy and around the world. The player always takes great importance in choosing the best games and safest platforms. What are the criteria for choosing the best online casino? On 888Casino it is possible to read which are the most important parameters to make a correct evaluation.


Using the online casino is one of the favorite choices of many players because it allows you to play without actually going to a casino. Anywhere (at home or while waiting for a plane), you can play poker or roulette. There are no time limits. Choosing the ideal casino is not an easy choice (there are thousands of sites), but starting well helps a lot in the gaming experience. Those who are passionate about online gaming are always looking for the best sites.


First of all, we need to distinguish between reliable sites and those that are not, starting of course with the fact that they must be legal. The official license is the main criterion for verifying the reliability of the platform. Thanks to it it can be ascertained if a casino is reliable and legal. The AAMS is in charge of providing a license for the games. 

The body examines in depth before granting a license. Check out the payment methods, the performance of software and applications, the quality of customer service but also the ease and strategies of the games. In practice, it performs a quality control, which is not limited to the licensing phase, but goes on over time. In this way, if a game has a license, it means that it is among the reliable ones.


Always check how the bonuses offered on the site work. In fact, this criterion greatly affects the player’s evaluation. There are bonuses that are not fully paid into the user’s account. Industry experts therefore suggest that you read the bonus terms and conditions carefully so that you can choose wisely. The attractiveness of the games, including the redistribution and return rate, therefore affects the choice of the best online casinos. If it is higher the site is more reliable. You can check out legal, safe and secure options like 888 casino bonus offers available to players. 

You can refer to what the online casino site declares or rely on the reference tables that show the highest winnings of the players, specifying their username. The quality and number of games are important criteria. The best virtual gaming platforms feature full games and not demo games. The most common casino games are bingo, poker, roulette, slots. In addition to these, there must be all the news of the moment and obviously the graphics must be of high quality and the game experience unique. More experienced players also check the game provider.


The best portals must be at the service of users. In fact, customer service is one of the fundamental criteria of choice. It is important to have active assistance available at all hours, ready to provide answers to questions. A reputable gambling site must be by the player’s side at all times. Another parameter is the possibility of being assisted in several languages. In addition to the assistance service in English (the most widespread and common) it must be available in your own language. 

Gamblers want to have fun but clearly want to earn money and want their winnings to be paid out. The payment methods are therefore fundamental. These must be safe, fast and varied: credit card, bank transfer, check, PayPal. Payment must be quick and immediate. There is also a popularity rate to take into account. It is possible to access online communities and forums to acquire information reported by other players. And then there are also industry portals that review gaming sites.