Online poker is an emotional rollercoaster. Bad beats and cooler poker hands are part and parcel of the game. However, letting tilt and frustration get the better of you after these setbacks torpedo your poker sessions and bankroll.

Accept variance

The variance and cooler hands are inevitable in poker. Don’t take bad beats personally. The poker gods aren’t out to get you. No matter how big a favorite you are, you will sometimes get sucked out on. Brush it off mentally rather than dwelling.

Take a Short Break

When you do get hit by a nasty cooler hand, take five or ten minutes away from the table. Get a drink, stretch your legs, and take some deep breaths. It prevents you from steaming and playing the next hand or two while tilted, which is how banks are lost. Clear your head first.

Review hand histories

Use hand histories to review bad-beat hands objectively. Did you play it fine and simply run into cooler cards? Or did you make an error like overplaying a weak holding? Analyze calmly without emotions. See what you learn from the hand.

Avoid playing on full tilt

When emotions are peaked after a bad beat, just log off to avoid playing more hands while severely tilted. Playing on mega tilt frequently leads to spewing off stacks against any hand in a futile attempt at revenge. Never use poker as a vent for frustration.

Examine opponent’s play

The cursing of the poker gods, analyze if the opponent’s play that contributed to the bad beat was reasonable given the action 와우포커 머니상. Calling your all-in with a gutshot straight draw is often incorrect. But if the price was right to chase, accept it as standard play.

Focus on decision quality

After calming down, reflect on your play for the session. Forget results for now. Were your decisions +EV and technically sound hand in hand? Results are misleading, one big pot aside. If decision quality was high, hold your head up.

Limit distractions at table

Avoid distractions like TV, videos, and chats when multi-tabling, especially after tilting your hands. You need full concentration on the current hand, not emotional baggage from the last one. Close bad beat tabs temporarily if needed to refocus.

Remember why you play

Ultimately poker is just a game and meant to be an enjoyable hobby. Brush off outcomes, win or lose. Remind yourself why you play – for fun, challenge, and stimulation. Don’t let random beats ruin your experience. Keep perspective.

Take a longer break if needed

Severe tilt may require more than a short walk. Consider signing off for the day or taking a few days off from poker until you regain composure and objectivity. There’s no shame in a longer break to clear your headspace after repeated cooler hands.

 Discuss hands with other players

Venting about bad beats or reviewing the hand with other experienced players provides reassurance that you played correctly or ideas for what to improve. Just be sure to have a constructive discussion, not a pure venting session.