Casino games and lotteries have attracted people for the longest time. Before the Internet, you had to go to a land-based casino or to an offline store to buy a lottery ticket if you wanted to win some money. With so many online resources available these days, you can make bets wherever you go. What is even better, if you live in South Africa, you don’t have to be limited only to local lotto games. You can easily participate in international lotteries, such as EuroMillions, Mega Millions, and UK 49s. The latter is an excellent option for anyone that offers great cash prizes and decent winning odds. 

How to make bets in UK 49s Lunch Time?

UK 49s is a British lottery known for its regularity, as the draws are held twice a day at 2:49 PM and 7:49 PM SAST. A lot of players like to make bets during the day and then look up lunch time results later, when they have the time. 

When it comes to the rules of this game, they couldn’t be simpler. In this lottery, you get a pool consisting of 49 number balls. Your goal is to pick six of them (or fewer) by either entering the numbers you choose manually or by using an automatic number generator. It is important to match all numbers that appear during the raffle to get a prize payout. If you select less than 6 number balls for the drawing, the potential payouts will be less significant. Having the freedom to choose how many balls you want to select for the draw is definitely a great thing. 

Where can you see the results?

Just like you can use online platforms for making bets, you can also see lunch time results using such resources. YesPlay is one of the trustworthy sites designed specifically to safely play casino games and lotteries. On the site, you can quickly find the lotto games you are interested in, including UK 49s. Results are also displayed on the platform after every draw, so you don’t have to browse the Internet in search of accurate information. All the data you need is available in one place and this includes not only results, but also rules of the games, previous numbers, and such. You can see the numbers that have been drawn in this lottery game not only recently, but even months ago. Such information may be useful when you want to see trends and what numbers appear most often.