Should Play Tight Poker Initially

Whilst playing creative poker like GTO or advanced exploitative is popular among experts, we contend novices should play tight to start with. In this post, we are going to lay out the top reasons why newbies to poker should play very few hands. By the end of this article, you’ll recognize why a tighter brand of poker is best for newcomers to online poker. Of cause, only the very best poker platforms with the best graphics where you can enjoy Customized Poker Chips and cards should be considered here.

Learn how to play

There are a few key reasons why beginner gamblers should play tight initially. First, playing tight allows beginner gamblers to get a feel for the game and learn the ropes before risking too much money. For beginners who lack the fundamentals, stepping out and playing loose is likely to cost them a lot of money. Instead, playing fewer hands is a good way to learn the basics of Texas Hold’em.

Build your roll

Second, playing tight helps beginner gamblers build their bankrolls slowly and steadily, rather than gambling all their money away on one big bet. A loose aggressive poker player may build a larger roll in short term, but they are just as likely to fritter it away by bluffing too much or getting too involved with less than strong hands.


Third, playing tight helps beginner gamblers stay disciplined and focused, avoiding the temptation to make rash decisions that could lead to big losses. This seriousness and focus to playing the top 15% of poker hands is going to put a newbie in good stead. By employing discipline, focus and concentration, a newbie will be mastering some of the key principles of winning poker which will only benefit them in the long run.

Trick opponents

Fourth, playing tight can be a good way to lull opponents into a false sense of security, allowing beginner gamblers to take them by surprise with a big win later on. This can be achieved by running some excellently timed bluffs. By having a tighter image, you are likely to get more respect. This will work very well in tournaments where stealing chips and antes are paramount. This is potentially harder if you are a LAG player with a poor table reputation.

Stay calm

Fifth, playing tight helps beginner gamblers stay calm and collected, preventing them from getting too emotionally invested in the game and making mistakes as a result. This calmness is an effective way to resist foolish decisions like jumping up stakes too quickly or playing too long.

Less risk

Finally, playing tight is simply more conservative and less risky than playing loose, and beginner gamblers who play tight are more likely to walk away from the table with winnings in hand. This point can’t be emphasized enough. You need money to play poker and by taking less risks and taking advantages of bonuses too, you will be able to stay in the game longer and hopefully turn a profit too. Are you looking for the best low stakes slots? Then look no further! We have reviewed the top 10 casinos where you can play online slots for real money.

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